Sketchbook morning with my daughter

I went out with my 5 years old daughter when her school had no school day.

After we looked around Christmas decorations in our local department store, we sat down in the cafe with cappuccino, babyccino, and small cake to share.

We enjoyed drawing on our sketchbook for a while. It was fun!

Preparation for Christmas Fair

I recently asked to paint some signs for Christmas fair at my daughter’s school.

Drawing on wood was really fun. I finished with varnish on, so I hope these colours will stay for long time!

Origami Christmas

This is one of the simplest unit-origami. We call it “Kusudama” which means the ball for celebration. I found origami papers with Christmas pattern in the local shop, and thought I can make Christmas decorations with this. This kusudama needs 12 origami, but there are many different versions. I’m going to practice this type of kusudama, then try slightly more different ones later.



I draw this illustration in 2014 for my book about London.

This is based on my husband experience. He is a person in the middle.

Now our Halloween has been shifted to our children’s fun event. 2 little daughters wore witches costumes with special blooms on the day we went to Pumpkin Trail in local historical site. There were lots of games and children got stamps after each activity. When they collected 6 stamps they won some small gifts. It was very cold day and they needed winter jackets, but it was really fun day for little cheeky witches.