Brain storming

I have some illustration projects and this is one of them. I am working for a Japanese language book for teachers. Illustration needs to be clear and simple, then B&W.

I’m sending my sketches to the client first, then after some feedback from the client, I draw proper line with pen. I’m still at the starting point…

Simple and fun crafts with children

So now it’s a school holiday and children are with me all day! It’s nice to go out and let their energy use (otherwise my children would try to jump on the sofa or start fighting). Although, it’s also nice to do something together at home.


With a little help, my 3 & 5 years old daughter had a good fun!

We tried decoupage yesterday. It was surprisingly simple and very satisfying in the end.

What you need:

  • Objects you want to decorate
  • Special Glue — I used Decoupage glue, some people say PVA glue is fine but I haven’t tried with it
  • Decoration paper — We had Decopatch bland paper. It’s very thin and easily fit on any shapes on wet glued surface.

It was really simple. Glue on the object you decorate, place the small paper you want to use. then glue on it again for sealing and vanishing.

My daughters did very well with my help. Their hands were really messy in the end, so let them wash before they touch the furnitures and walls… that’s also important part of this activity!

Christmas tree with little amount of fabrics

This little Christmas tree was made at the children’s arts and craft session in the museum I worked for.

What you need:

  • Lolly stick
  • 2 Star shaped paper
  • 2 square paper for pot
  • Some fabric strips to tie on lolly stick (ideally 8-10. Depend on length of the stick)

Method is simple. Glue the 2 square paper then bind the bottom of stick from both sides. Tie fabric strips. Put star shape paper on top from both sides of sticks at the same time stick the ribbon inside too.

It doesn’t matter if they look a bit strange shape and not perfect in the end. Most important things are how you engaged and had fun!

Encourage children how beautiful their little creations are :)

Japanese New Year’s cards

My children are half Japanese and half English. I try to teach them Japanese language, not only speaking but writing, reading and culture too. Some Japanese mums and I made a Japanese study group for our children and we meet every 2 weeks.

This time, I decided to let children making a Japanese new year’s card. I made a sample; あけましておめでとうございます means ‘ Happy New Year”. れいわにねん(令和二年) is ‘the second year of a Reiwa (second year of our current emperor), then name under that. We often use the illustration of Year of animals on the card too.

Children are creative than we expect. I was so impressed with the cards they made like these!


The last one is my 3 years daughter’s..


Teatime in the garden

This is my recent commissioned work. I had some reference pictures of the garden, this lovely couple and their dog separately, but this tea time scene was created from my imagination. I’m so glad the commissioner was like this picture, and it’s going to be a Christmas present to her parents.


Making calendar with nursery children

I had an opportunity to make next year calendar for nursery children. My idea was using bubble art to make texture and I use the texture for the pattern of hot air balloons.

I prepared bubble mix with 3 different food colorings (pink, yellow and blue). I tried before I let children do in nursery and I realised I need coloring more than I expected. But if I put too much food colouring, the bubble mixture became weak.



Also, when I let children blow the colour bubbles, I realised some small children can’t do it. Some children started making colour water and splashed on the paper, some children pop the bubbles if I make bubbles for them.


One of the nursery teacher said, “this is what 2-3 years old can do, so it’s fine!”

Anyway, this is the result of the calendars. I could do more but I think this is still cute.