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Sketchbook morning with my daughter

I went out with my 5 years old daughter when her school had no school day.

After we looked around Christmas decorations in our local department store, we sat down in the cafe with cappuccino, babyccino, and small cake to share.

We enjoyed drawing on our sketchbook for a while. It was fun!

Ready for bed


My daughter’s night time style; onesie, unicorn hot water bottle, unicorn slippers, earmuffs… Ok, night night sweetie!


Bedtime story


I know it’s too late to say Happy New Year but this is my first post in 2019. I drew this in my sketchbook with colour pencils, after my children and my husband went to bed. It’s midnight and snowing outside. Probably I should go to bed soon!


Happy birthday sketch


It was my niece and nephew’s 9th birthday yesterday. My English family and their friends gathered and celebrate the birthday together.  M and R are twins and I know them from when they are still babies. Now they look like little adults, behave nicely and elegant.



My mother in law made a cake for their birthday cake. She makes very creative cakes for the family every time.


Pack lunch – bento

Last week, my daughter asked me to make a pack lunch for her. She normally have school lunch but I found “pack lunch” is very special for children after I talked with some mothers. I prepared ingredients on the day before and made her lunch next day in the morning. It was busy morning as my 2 years old was difficult too. But I made it to make my 4 years old happy.


After school finished, my daughter smiled at me and proudly said she ate all her lunch, that made me really happy. But I said to her I can only do this once a week as I think doing this every morning would be stressful. Also every child has free school meal!

Next morning, when we went to the school, her teacher came to me and said “Hana’s mother, you put too much food in her lunch box. She doesn’t need that much. It has taken for one hour for her to finish eating…”. It seems making pack lunch is easier than I thought if I can make only small amount.