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Family portrait

Commission work…. our friend’s’ family portrait.


Advent calendar illustration

Time flies. It’s already December! My 1 year old sleeps through during night now and I have a bit more time in the late evening.

From the 1st of December, I started drawing and I’d like to carry on until Christmas! Here are my work so far…

Robin, mince pies and saami boots for children

The sketchbook is made of handmade paper from South India. I have kept it for a long time for some special projects and now it’s time to use.

I normally paint with watercolour but this time I decided to use acrylics. I’m still practicing how to use acrylics by myself as it’s very different from watercolour.

Happy New Year!


Last year was challenging year for me as I have been trying to make a good balance between my 1-year-old daughter’s childcare and my work. My daughter doesn’t have a nap for a long time, so I can’t concentrate my work during daytime. I stayed up late a lot, but one day I tried to get up very early in the morning.  Both work sometime and didn’t work other times… This year, my  new challenge is to draw while I take care of my daughter as much as I can. Even though it is a just rough sketch. I think I should be more flexible and easy going…



And I did it this morning. It was just 2-3 minutes just before she started saying “mummy, hold me!”. Just a quick drawing but this is good start!



And also I let her use my painting tool too. This is my daughter Hana’s abstract painting. As she painted same for place long time, I was worried if she  made a hole on the paper.. but she didn’t. There are many interesting marks on the paper and eventually we both were happy.