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Baking fun


I did this drawing by pen a year ago on my sketchbook. My daughter Hana visited her friend Scarlett, and they made peanut butter cupcakes together. I added colours few days ago, and this sweet memory has come back again.


Primary school

My daughter started primary school.


Pancake Day


On the 17th of February, I went to the Borough Market to see the pancake race. I draw the picture above when I went to the pancake race in Brick Lane. The participants of the race wore unique costumes and run (very East London)! At the race in Borough Market, people wore normal clothes to run. But attraction is different here. Borough Market is one of the largest food market in London. There were some stalls selling different type of pancakes! The most popular one was French pancakes. I tried to buy one but I gave up after waited for endless queue with my baby.


French pancake “Suzette” looked so attractive!

pancake2   pancake1

Oh I would like to participate when my baby grows up!

Although I couldn’t get the french pancake at the event, I made some pancakes at home in the evening. S loved to eat it with nutella, but I preferred maple syrup… heaven!


Cute nutella sticker on the lid.