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Preparing for Christmas


British people start preparation for Christmas just after Halloween.. It’s still November but my town switched on the Christmas lights and had a big Christmas event last weekend. In my country, Japan, New Year’s cards are more popular, and they should be delivered from new year day to the 7th of January.  But in the UK, people start sending Christmas cards from 1st of December. I always start Christmas card preparation late as this reason (if I can make excuse), but this year I am making a little more effort, trying to catch up with British pace. Hopefully my Christmas cards will be sent in the beginning of December!






Children in nature

After we moved in Hertfordshire in April,  we found lots of places were just naturally beautiful. We soon loved visiting bluebell forest, running in a cowslip fields and exploring different places in nature.

I wanted to draw these memories with watercolour, especially with Japanese watercolour called gansai, that I bought in Japan this summer. It’s solid paint, and it has been used for traditional Japanese paintings. I used color pencils too.