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I added the flowers around my teacups image that I have drawn last year.


And… more birds!

I have drawn lots of different kind of birds for my project. They all live in London. I found many beautiful birds and I was very excited! Maybe I should go to Natural History Museum to research more again.. The image is a part of my drawing on my sketchbook.


Story books


Currently I have some book projects with talented writers.
Last few years, I worked with Rin Rello, Japanese artist based in Nezu, Tokyo. She already made some stories from years ago but her story books didn’t have any images. It was 3, 4 years ago I was really attracted of one of her story “Waffles with honey” and I asked her if I can draw picture for it. I was looking for someone who can make story, and she was looking for someone who can draw. We were very happy then.

It has taken for a while until I actually started this project. We talked a lot to share our images in our head. Then, finally I started and completed the images for the story last year. We ordered to make some sample versions to the printer in Japan. (left)

The other book (right) is the one we made as sample version. This book was made by the opposite process – Rin made some short stories for my illustrations I have already drawn. My favourite one is “Gardening – Rachel’s garden”. I hope we can develop the story in future.

I have some projects going on now. I am about to start them.







Gardening (Rachel’s Garden)



Happy dinner time from Waffle story


This is one of the spread page of the story book I am making recently. Story will be fit in the blank part. I will show the actual illustration on my exhibition on 20-25 Oct in Tokyo.