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About Kazuko Morishita Dubois

I am an illustrator living in London.

Sketch at the museum


I sketched a mother and a small girl at the museum children’s activity table.



Pine cones


My 4years old daughter collected lots of pine cones when we visited a park in London. So we decided to decorate them with acrylic painting. Some of them might be the ornaments on our Christmas tree in this winter..


Workshops at nursery

I had some opportunities to run crafts workshop at Edith Kerrison Nursery School in London.



At Origami workshop for parents, I chose 2 simple and easy origami and 1 slightly difficult one. I had only half an hour and there were around 8-10 parents in the room. Making dog and cat is very simple, but very cute. Some parents haven’t done any origami before, so I need to explain how to fold paper very slowly. After we made them and snack packet, the parents tried to make balloon. They were so impressed by the technique to make 3D shape from 2D paper. I was so glad people enjoyed my workshop.



Last year, I run workshop to make ornaments for Japanese star festival (7th of July), but this time I did orizome gami workshop. I couldn’t take photos of nursery children while doing activity, but you can see their work!

I used Japanese calligraphy paper (han-shi) and British ink. The method is just folding paper into small, dipping the each corners in the different colours, then gently opening it.  The children enjoyed beautiful colours mixed together. Simple but exciting activity for 3-4 years olds.

18 children have participated, Emily the class teacher divided the children into 3 groups. It was lovely time for me too.



Advent calendar illustration

Time flies. It’s already December! My 1 year old sleeps through during night now and I have a bit more time in the late evening.

From the 1st of December, I started drawing and I’d like to carry on until Christmas! Here are my work so far…

Robin, mince pies and saami boots for children

The sketchbook is made of handmade paper from South India. I have kept it for a long time for some special projects and now it’s time to use.

I normally paint with watercolour but this time I decided to use acrylics. I’m still practicing how to use acrylics by myself as it’s very different from watercolour.