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10th charity badge design


I am a bit shocked that my previous post was new year card design. Since my 2nd daughter was born, my time just flies away very quickly..

This drawing is for the charity badges of Tsunami orphanage fund to help children in Souma-city in Fukushima. This will be the 10th design of all the collection.

The other designs are here



Tribute to Tohoku


My Grandparents’ house that I often visited is in Iwate prefecture. Iwate is in Tohoku region and their traditions and customs are quite different from Tokyo. These orange round things are Sharon fruits (we call them Kaki).  People dry lots of Kaki under the sun. Dried Kaki (called Hoshi-gaki 干し柿)become very sweet dessert. Dried Kaki is a local speciality in Tohoku region.

This picture will be the 9th design for the charity badges to help children in Souma-city, Fukushima. Many children lost their parents in the Tsunami disaster in 2011.

You can find the other designs here.




Preparation for children’s event

I have worked for my local children’s museum last few days to prepare their easter event. My task was making background picture for children’s drawing activity. We discussed and decided 5 different images.. train, forest, underwater, inside the house and space (planet). They are all related the museum’t current exhibition about Small Films production.



Each paper is 1.5m width and 5m long! I was really excited. I have made some illustration plans, but I drew it to this big paper directly with a black felt pen.



I tried to make blank space as much as possible for children’s drawing! The event will be held next two weeks and I was really excited how these pictures will change. They will be really colourful, noisy and fun!


Museum info

Japanese traditional motifs


This is an idea for one of my recent commission. I draw the some traditional Japanese items.
Some explanation.. the animal on the 2nd from the right (top) is the dog made by bamboo, tree and paper. People sent this to pregnant women for her easy delivery. Daruma on the bottom left is made by mashed paper too for making a wish. Originally Daruma is historical buddhist monk. The paper kite on the bottom left is the kite called Yakko-dako. Yakko is the servant for Samurai family and this design has used from the Edo period (17-19c).

『Londonスケッチ散歩』、2014年8月29日より発売開始!My 1st book will be published on 29th Aug 2014!

レイアウト 1





My first book “London Sketch Sampo (London Sketch Walk)” will be officially published on this Fri!
In this book, I introduce my favourite places in London, also my funny experiences in the UK.
Written in Japanese, but if you have a chance please take a look!