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Half term Printmaking workshop at old mill


During the Half Term, I went to visit our local mill, Mill Green Museum with my daughters. There was an printmaking workshop  for  children.



The mill has a long history. Originally a water mill was built this place around 1000 years ago. Current mill was built in 17 century, and it is still producing organic whole meal flour.




When we went inside, a miller was busy working  and explaining the history of Mill Green to visitors. He also showed us the traditional methods of making flour, and how to control their wooden mill.




It was really interesting to see all the mechanisms of mill. My children saw a water mill for the first time but they knew about it a little bit as they saw it in the film Stick Man.

子供たちは水車を見るのも初めてでした。水車は好きなアニメーションのStick Manにも出てくるので知っていましたが…


I bought this too. I’m looking forward to making bread with this.  My friend told me that the Mill Green Loaves are sold in the local bakery. I like the idea of local people supporting this small local mill.



Slime making

This week, we tried making slime for the first time. The recipe is from children’s craft magazine. I realised there are many lovely websites showing how to make slime, so I don’t compete with them but here is just a report from our creative day.



Ingredients are simple (as it’s a basic slime)

200ml PVA glue

1-2tsp Contact lens solution

1tsp bicarbonate of soda 



PVA液体のり(白いクラフト用ののり) 200ml

コンタクトレンズの洗浄液  小さじ1-2

ベーキングソーダ 大さじ1



1. Mix glue and the bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.



2. Add contact lens solution



3. Mix very well. If it’s still sticky, add little bit more content lens solution.



4. Many websites recommend to add food coloring, but we just added glitter.



It’s funny texture and you can even make shapes!



It’s very simple but my little ones enjoyed a lot with it :)



Bedtime story


I know it’s too late to say Happy New Year but this is my first post in 2019. I drew this in my sketchbook with colour pencils, after my children and my husband went to bed. It’s midnight and snowing outside. Probably I should go to bed soon!




For this Christmas, I printed 80 Christmas cards.

It was a lovely Christmas with our British family in Hertford. I have grown up in Japan and I have never experienced a Christmas like here this… especially for my daughters I can imagine how magical and dreamy event it is. So I understand why many adults get excited for Christmas like children.


My 2 & 4 years old realised that elf was not in our flat after Christmas. They were talking to him almost every day. I’m sure he will come back next year.




Pack lunch – bento

Last week, my daughter asked me to make a pack lunch for her. She normally have school lunch but I found “pack lunch” is very special for children after I talked with some mothers. I prepared ingredients on the day before and made her lunch next day in the morning. It was busy morning as my 2 years old was difficult too. But I made it to make my 4 years old happy.


After school finished, my daughter smiled at me and proudly said she ate all her lunch, that made me really happy. But I said to her I can only do this once a week as I think doing this every morning would be stressful. Also every child has free school meal!

Next morning, when we went to the school, her teacher came to me and said “Hana’s mother, you put too much food in her lunch box. She doesn’t need that much. It has taken for one hour for her to finish eating…”. It seems making pack lunch is easier than I thought if I can make only small amount.