And… more birds!

I have drawn lots of different kind of birds for my project. They all live in London. I found many beautiful birds and I was very excited! Maybe I should go to Natural History Museum to research more again.. The image is a part of my drawing on my sketchbook.


Tribute to Tohoku


My Grandparents’ house that I often visited is in Iwate prefecture. Iwate is in Tohoku region and their traditions and customs are quite different from Tokyo. These orange round things are Sharon fruits (we call them Kaki).  People dry lots of Kaki under the sun. Dried Kaki (called Hoshi-gaki 干し柿)become very sweet dessert. Dried Kaki is a local speciality in Tohoku region.

This picture will be the 9th design for the charity badges to help children in Souma-city, Fukushima. Many children lost their parents in the Tsunami disaster in 2011.

You can find the other designs here.