Happy New Year!

2018 is a Year of the dog. I’ve done a quick drawing of a corgi.



Advent calendar illustration

Time flies. It’s already December! My 1 year old sleeps through during night now and I have a bit more time in the late evening.

From the 1st of December, I started drawing and I’d like to carry on until Christmas! Here are my work so far…

Robin, mince pies and saami boots for children

The sketchbook is made of handmade paper from South India. I have kept it for a long time for some special projects and now it’s time to use.

I normally paint with watercolour but this time I decided to use acrylics. I’m still practicing how to use acrylics by myself as it’s very different from watercolour.

Yuki diary


Full time mother is not easy sometimes as I am a bit frustrated with the fact I don’t have time for my work. So I started little sketch time to time.. I will upload more when I take photos of my small Moleskine.