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Happy New Year!


Last year was challenging year for me as I have been trying to make a good balance between my 1-year-old daughter’s childcare and my work. My daughter doesn’t have a nap for a long time, so I can’t concentrate my work during daytime. I stayed up late a lot, but one day I tried to get up very early in the morning.  Both work sometime and didn’t work other times… This year, my  new challenge is to draw while I take care of my daughter as much as I can. Even though it is a just rough sketch. I think I should be more flexible and easy going…



And I did it this morning. It was just 2-3 minutes just before she started saying “mummy, hold me!”. Just a quick drawing but this is good start!



And also I let her use my painting tool too. This is my daughter Hana’s abstract painting. As she painted same for place long time, I was worried if she  made a hole on the paper.. but she didn’t. There are many interesting marks on the paper and eventually we both were happy.


Ohanashi no Tobira


Japanese artist Rin wrote some stories for my previous work.  私のこれまで描いた絵に、アーティストRinさんがお話を書いてくれました。私の絵が、こんな風に誰かの手によってお話として広がって行くのはとても興味深く、たまに奇想天外なストーリーになっていたりして面白いです。これまで、コラボレーションと言う形で自分のイラストでお話を作った事が無いので、これは私にとっては新しい経験なのです。彼女とは、絵本プロジェクトが進行中です。今はまだ公開できませんが、今年の秋を目標に今製作中です!

Natural Medicine


When my 12 months old daughter couldn’t stop coughing, I checked my natural medicine book and found this recipe..which is.. Boil pumpkin seeds and walnuts together, and drink that water. We had cough syrup but there are not many medicine for a baby, so I decided to try this “nuts water”. After 2 days, her cough was dramatically reduced. I mean, it has almost gone!
Just a coincidence? Not sure. But I think it worked on her somehow.

Desktop pictures at Hoshizaki website

My friend Tsuyu designed very cute desktop pictures.. and this time, the photo at my exhibition became one of the designs! It will be on that page until 20th of November 2013. You can download from this link!
(you can click photo and it goes to the page!)