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For this Christmas, I printed 80 Christmas cards.

It was a lovely Christmas with our British family in Hertford. I have grown up in Japan and I have never experienced a Christmas like here this… especially for my daughters I can imagine how magical and dreamy event it is. So I understand why many adults get excited for Christmas like children.


My 2 & 4 years old realised that elf was not in our flat after Christmas. They were talking to him almost every day. I’m sure he will come back next year.




Pack lunch – bento

Last week, my daughter asked me to make a pack lunch for her. She normally have school lunch but I found “pack lunch” is very special for children after I talked with some mothers. I prepared ingredients on the day before and made her lunch next day in the morning. It was busy morning as my 2 years old was difficult too. But I made it to make my 4 years old happy.


After school finished, my daughter smiled at me and proudly said she ate all her lunch, that made me really happy. But I said to her I can only do this once a week as I think doing this every morning would be stressful. Also every child has free school meal!

Next morning, when we went to the school, her teacher came to me and said “Hana’s mother, you put too much food in her lunch box. She doesn’t need that much. It has taken for one hour for her to finish eating…”. It seems making pack lunch is easier than I thought if I can make only small amount.

Open exhibition


I submitted my 2 watercolor paintings to the open exhibition at New Maynard Gallery at WGC. The exhibition is now open and it will finish on the 24th of November 2018.

I met some local artists and we had interesting conversation at the private viewing last week. It’s about 6 months after we moved to Hertfordshire from London. This is my first step to get involved in the local arts event.


Children in nature

After we moved in Hertfordshire in April,  we found lots of places were just naturally beautiful. We soon loved visiting bluebell forest, running in a cowslip fields and exploring different places in nature.

I wanted to draw these memories with watercolour, especially with Japanese watercolour called gansai, that I bought in Japan this summer. It’s solid paint, and it has been used for traditional Japanese paintings. I used color pencils too.


Pine cones


My 4years old daughter collected lots of pine cones when we visited a park in London. So we decided to decorate them with acrylic painting. Some of them might be the ornaments on our Christmas tree in this winter..


Yuki diary


Full time mother is not easy sometimes as I am a bit frustrated with the fact I don’t have time for my work. So I started little sketch time to time.. I will upload more when I take photos of my small Moleskine.